Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. T3S01 Bruce Wawrzyniak - An Inside Look at Traditional Publishing (Transcript)

    3. T3S02 Paul Levine - Legal & Business Aspects of Getting Published (Transcript)

    4. T3S03 Keri-rae Barnum - Amazon Algorithms 101 (Transcript)

    5. T3S04 Amanda Skenandore - An Inside Look at Traditional Publishing (Transcript, Handouts)

    6. T3S05 Maria Dismondy - Writing Your Digital Footprint (Transcript)

    7. T3S06 Paul Levine - Selling a Literary Material or True-life Story Project to Hollywood (Transcript)

    8. T3S07 Panel: Best Use of Marketing Opportunities (Transcript)

    9. T3S08 Bruce Wawrzyniak - Podcasting: Enhance Your Brand And Expand You Reach (Transcript)

    10. T3S09 Stacey Kondla - What you need to include when publishing children’s nonfiction books (Transcript)

    11. T3S10 Bruce Wawrzyniak - 20 Ways to Promote Your Writing Career (Transcript)

    12. T3S11 Kari-Rae Barnum - Retail and Bookstores (Transcript)

    13. T3S12 Maria Dismondy - How to Get Your Picture Book Into the Hands of Readers (Transcript)

    14. T3S13 CANCELLED Paul Levine - Legal Aspects of Getting Published (Repeat)

    15. T3S14 Maria Dismondy - Connecting With other Writers for Success (Transcript, Handouts)

    16. T3S15 Stacey Kondla - Marketing for Children’s Authors (Transcript)

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